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Heavy Duty Slotting machines
  Heavy Duty Slotting Machines   Heavy Duty Slotting Machines  
  Model PSL - 250   Model PSL - 300  
  ( Manual Operated )   ( Tilling Head +/- 5° & Three Axis Auto )  
  Heavy Duty Slotting Machines   Heavy Duty Slotting Machines  
  Model PSL - 150   Model PSL - 450  
  ( Manual Operated )   ( Two Axis Auto )  
COLUMN : The Column consists of two parts which are adequately ribbed & securely held together to form a rigid unit. The deep throat enables a wide variety of parts to be machined.
DRIVE : The Electric motor drives the clutch pulley and the gears fitted in the column. From there the power is transmitted to the ram by the means of link mechanism. The ram-movement is started by engaging clutch. The link mechanism allows for an accelerated ram-movement in return stroke Ram speed changes are effected by sliding gears controlled by shaft through gear box.
RAM : The ram is well ribbed and is quite strudy. An taper wedge is provided for smooth running. The ram can be tilted 5 degree on demand and swiveled 10 degree in case of 400 mm stroke.
TABLE : The table is circular and is provided with T-slots. It is divided on its circumference into 360 degrees. A tapered whole is provided in the center of the table for reception of the centering mandrel while machining circular slotting work. Direct Indexing is provided for accurately locating the various positions.
FEED : The feed mechanism mounted on the column through side gearbox. The feeds are infinitely within range of 0.2mm to 1.5mm for 150 mm, 250mm & 300 mm. In case of 450mm stroke 0.2mm to 2 mm per cycle. The feeds can be adjusted when machine is at the rest.
  • High grade casting for wear resistance and rigidity.
  • Single lever control for changing the speeds
  • Centralized machine controls on operating side
  • Steel gear sliding on multi splined shafts
  • Drum clutch for stopping ram at any position.
  • All shafts are carried on ball bearings.
  • Hand operated automatic pump for lubrication.
  • Indirect indexing by dividing attachment.
  • Variable automatic table feeds in all directions is optional.
True Chuck, Electric Motor, Starter, V- Belts, Lubrication Pump, Special Index Plate, Bellows, Longitudinal & Cross Auto Feed, Rotary Table Auto Feed,
Tilting Head ± 5°,Swivel Head ±10 for 400 mm stroke (such as cooper type).
MODEL PSL - 150 PSL - 250 PSL - 300 PSL - 450
Length of Stroke Maximum 175 250 325 475
Working Stroke 150 225 300 450
Ram Adjustment 125 200 250 325
Length of Ram Bearing 500 550 625 675
Throat Adjustment 300 350 500 625
Max. Dia. accommodated when M/C at centre 500 750 850 1500
Distance between table and head 300 375 450 700
Longitudinal feed ( Manual ) 200 325 450 625
Longitudinal feed ( Auto ) 175 300 425 575
Cross feed ( Manual ) 225 250 400 550
Cross feed ( Auto ) 200 225 375 500
Dimension of table 275 375 600 900
Number and Range of Speeds 2( 30-50 ) 3(30-60-90) 3(25-40-65) 6(10-15-25-35-50-70)
Motor recommended ( 960 RPM ) 1.5 H.P. 2 H.P. 3 H.P. 5 H.P.
Net weight 850 Kg 1750 Kg. 1750 Kg. 4000 Kg.
Gross weight 975 Kg 1900 Kg. 1900 Kg. 4500 Kg.
Packing Dimension 1700x850x1200 2100x1400x900 2300x1500x1100 2500x2200x1600
Pl. Note : In accordance with our continues improvements we reserve the right to change the design and specifications without any notice. Feeds, Speeds, Specifications (such as Travels) can be altered against demand but at an extra cost.
Accessories shown in catalogue/website are not part of standard accessories.
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